About Us

Our Philosophy

Here at All Star Football Academy our aim is to create and develop technically brilliant players who are great decision makers with and without the ball. We as a team create a positive and fun learning environment for players of all abilities to thrive and learn within. We use a variety of coaching styles and methods to satisfy all aspects of the All Star Football Academy four corner model (image below). The players will learn and experience small sided games, multidirectional technical practices and so much more, with everything relating to the game itself.ASFA 4 CORNER MODELAll Star Football Academy Values


Our commitment is to the long-term development of players. We recognise that this is a journey, which requires time and patience and takes precedence over a win-at-all-costs mentality.


Teaching players to take ownership and be responsible for their own actions on and off the field of play is the corner stone of our coaching philosophy.


As an organisation we recognise that it is our responsibility to set a good example when working with players under our guidance. Creating a fun, safe and secure professional environment in which players can learn the game is paramount.


Excellence in delivering a high-quality coaching program is the hallmark of the All Star Football Academy brand. Continued professional development is a prerequisite in order to maintain and improve our standard of delivery.

All Star Football Academy DNA


Player Development

Ball Mastery is the foundation of every footballers development and is an essential component of our pyramid. Do not think of our pyramid as a ladder where each stage has to be mastered before moving up. All of our stages are integral to each other and our players will develop as each stage becomes stronger.


Our Player Pathway



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